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Posted: 20 April 2013 - 12:42 am [Reblog this post]

can I just say a thing

the neotag is really big. it has grown exponentially over the last year and it is hard to keep track of everyone. tumblr is a very unstable platform and it is hard to hold a conversation here because everything moves around all the time. sometimes people get lost in the noise, unfortunately.

while I am proud of what this community has become and I hope that people enjoy it, I also think it’s unrealistic to expect, at our size, for everyone to be friends with everyone. I’m not part of any other fandoms, but I would really be interested to know if other large communities on this site have the same problem with people getting mad because they feel ignored. it seems to me that there’s an expectation that “the neotag” is one big group that is going to collectively either accept or reject you, and that isn’t how it works.

I’m sorry people feel left out. I try to mix up my blog and incorporate other people’s content as much as I can. I’m sorry if you don’t feel like you fit in, but when people call out “the neotag” as a singular entity that uniformly acts one way, it’s hard for me to really sympathize with that. if you really don’t like the way this community acts, there are plenty of other places on the internet that might be more to your taste. also, if you get really truly upset by things that happen on an internet community dedicated to making off-color jokes about pixel animals, maybe you need to address that.

i always lose followers when i talk about neotag stuff fuckkkk

*not neopets* *sorry*
  1. infinitysexual said: in literally anything that can be at all construed as “a community” there will be people who get upset that they’re ignored. a lot of these people are the ones who never talk/only talk about themselves. there is a reason why these things go together
  2. im22andwhatisthis said: pshhh maralie u don’t need followers i am all the follower u need
  3. pairofsmittens said: trust me that happens even in smallish fandoms
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