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Posted: 20 April 2013 - 12:01 am [Reblog this post]

when I first started this blog I followed back everyone who followed me because I figured that was a good way to keep people following me. now that I have a pretty good foothold with this blog and a personal blog to follow non-neoblogs that I like, I would really like to follow only neoblogs on here, but

you guys dont even understand what my dash is like lmfao

*not neopets*
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  2. isayanything said: how do you even
  3. christinaplaysneopets said: You’re still following me on my personal, I’m pretty sure. Shit, following that many blogs would be overwhelming.
  4. misfortunateneopian said: I think you might have a problem.
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hello my Neopian life is full of trials and hardship and I'm sure yours is too. Images and caps belong to TNT/JumpStart obviously. I occasionally make personal posts which are tagged as "not neopets."
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